Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New: Sync Tasks with Toodledo!

Beginning today Premium Service users (and free Premium trial accounts) can sync with the popular task management site Toodledo.

To sync tasks you need a compatible device (iPhones don't have tasks support yet but Windows Mobile, Nokia and Palm Pre phones do). Register for a Toodledo account (free or pro). Enable and configure tasks on our web site---enter your Toodledo username and password. Note that you need to enter your fully-qualified Toodledo username (typically your email address).

Finally enable tasks sync on your device. Windows Mobile setup looks like this:

Nokia Mail for Exchange will list tasks under the 'Content synced' once enabled:

The Toodledo API doesn't provide real-time change notification, so the service checks for changes every so often. Changes made on their web site will appear on your phone after a few minutes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sync your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry® devices can now be used with NuevaSync thanks to a $49 application from AstraSync (they have a free trial). Until recently there were a few compatibility issues with AstraSync and our service, but those have now been resolved. Contact, Calendar and Email sync are all supported, including Push Email service.

After downloading and installing AstraSync please follow these configuration instructions. Your BlackBerry device should show up on the device management page like this:

Check our new BlackBerry device forum for more information, or to report any problems.

Sync on.