Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nuevasync Discussion Forums

Nuevasync now has a web discussion forum. Registration is required to post. You don't need to be a Nuevasync user to participate.

Fix Bundle

Several fixes and small improvements were deployed last night.
We've implemented our own workaround for this Google contacts service bug. This problem was affecting quite a few users and resulted in loss of contact sync. Affected users don't need to do anything, sync should begin working again. You had this problem if the sync status page displayed a message about bad data at Google.
Also fixed is a problem affecting some users where an event deleted at Google would remain on the device.
Recent Palm devices such as the Centro will now sync with the service. These devices don't allow e-mail sync to be turned off and because our service didn't allow e-mail sync they would always throw an error. The service now allows e-mail sync to be enabled (but doesn't actually do any syncing of e-mails yet), and so these Palm devices will 'work'. Palm support should be considered experimental at this point. We know that several things aren't working properly.
Finally, the web site now allows a 'default country' to be specified (in the account settings page). This is used to apply a country to contacts that don't have one at Google. This in turn is particularly useful for non-US iPhone users because the iPhone's map application does very strange things if the country field is not set (such as trying to navigate to Paris, TX when a person in France tries to find a friend's address !)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nokia Contacts Working Again

Since the most recent release of Noika's MFE sync client our contact sync from Google didn't work (Plaxo did still work). This problem has been fixed. We're taking some time to fix a number of other smaller Nokia compatibility issues. These should be done in the next few days. We also have Palm interoperability working in the lab, but not yet deployed on the production servers. There will be a post here when that's done.