Saturday, December 20, 2008

BlackBerry Support

No, not an early April fool's joke. It's possible to use a BlackBerry device with Nuevasync. An intrepid user told us that they were able to sync (apparently without trouble) using Astrasync. Now, we're not exactly sure if this is a useful capability for BlackBerry users, since there's already a supported Google sync solution, but we thought it was at least worth mentioning here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Google Deletion Fix

A few users noticed trouble deleting entries, particularly appointments, since yesterday.  We tracked it down to Google's new library and found a spot where, if their HTTP server issues a redirect, some necessary information is lost when it retries, causing the operation to fail.  It is pretty rare, as it only affects deletion and only if there is also a redirect.

We made a fix and built the Google libraries ourselves, which we deployed a little bit ago.  So far we have not seen any similar messages in the logs and we are no longer able to reproduce the problem.

Happy syncing!

Google contact sync problem affecting some users

As noted in the comments on the article below, there is a problem that affects some users that arose when the new contact code was deployed last night. We're still investigating but it appears that users who set up their contact sync some time ago were assigned authentication tokens that do not work with the new Google contacts API. The problem is fixed by logging into our web site and re-requesting access to your Google contacts data. This results in a new token being assigned.
This problem does not affect all users, we suspect only those who signed up several months ago. The real problem here is that our web site does not yet detect and diagnose the problem, and the 'green light' checker says that everything is ok. We will be fixing that later today once we figure out exactly how to detect the problem.
At present, if you had working contact sync yesterday, and now it's not working, and you see 'contact support' in the sync status page, and your account was setup a while ago, then please perform the request access procedure again.

Update: the web site now does detect and display this problem.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nix on the Suggested Contacts


Syncing only your "real" contacts has been one of our most requested features, and today it is here!  Google released version 2.0 of their API for contacts today.  With this new version we are able to discriminate between your real contacts and your suggested contacts (which include basically anyone you have ever sent an e-mail).

We worked hard to get this out to all our waiting users, and we are happy to say that as of about twenty minutes ago, suggested contacts are no more.

The feature is automatic for any suggested contacts which Google creates from now on.  However, if you already have suggested contacts on your phone we won't actively seek them out to delete them.  If do you want to get rid of them, you will need to resync your contacts (instructions); and in just a few seconds you'll be free of your suggested contacts.

Happy syncing!