Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nix on the Suggested Contacts


Syncing only your "real" contacts has been one of our most requested features, and today it is here!  Google released version 2.0 of their API for contacts today.  With this new version we are able to discriminate between your real contacts and your suggested contacts (which include basically anyone you have ever sent an e-mail).

We worked hard to get this out to all our waiting users, and we are happy to say that as of about twenty minutes ago, suggested contacts are no more.

The feature is automatic for any suggested contacts which Google creates from now on.  However, if you already have suggested contacts on your phone we won't actively seek them out to delete them.  If do you want to get rid of them, you will need to resync your contacts (instructions); and in just a few seconds you'll be free of your suggested contacts.

Happy syncing!


TheHenry said...

Will you ever support mail! i really want this feature!

Brian said...

Google already supports email that can be "synced". This is called IMAP. Look for it under Gmail settings.... use the iPhone/iPod touch to set up a Gmail account and you will have IMAP email. So any action you do on (move email from your inbox to a folder, star a message, delete something, report spam, etc.) - all those changes will be exactly the same on your iPhone/iPod touch Mail application. The same goes for the Mail app on your iPhone/iPod touch - any of the changes you make there will be automatically synced back to through Gmail's IMAP protocal. Also this IMAP feature works for desktop mail applications on your computer - (Mac OS X, or Outlook and Thunderbird, etc. You can have completely synced email where ever you are:, Computer desktop email client, or mobile device. You can turn IMAP on in the settings.

So you wrap this up - you do not need NueveSync to sync your Gmail to your device (only your contacts and calendar because Google doesn't support that at this time. Hope this helps.

Chandrashekar R. Gaajula said...

Thanks for providing the feature to avoid syncing "suggested contacts". That is really helpful.

A really cool feature would be to support Groups.

When can you possibly support this?

Shirizaan said...

I'm getting a lot of duplicate contacts now since I resynced...

Michael said...

Thank you so much for getting this out the door so quickly ! Great work !

David Boreham said...

@Chandra: we've experimented with contact group support and the iPhone contact group feature. Once we're happy with the user experience we'll introduce this feature.
@Shirizaan: hopefully these are dups on the iPhone, and not at Google. iPhone contact dups on resync happen occasionally (an iPhone bug we think) but will clear with another resync usually. Dups in Google would be bad and we need to know if that's happening right away. Please e-mail with your username if you are seeing duplicate contacts in GMail.

Michael said...

I took the liberty of posting a link to this blog entry over on Google gdata-issues #677 which is the issue that was worked to resolve this.

Several people there are iPhone users that seem to be unaware of Nuevasync.

James said...

I tried resync-ing, but none of my contacts showed up. It's been about five minutes and I'm worried.

Any help?

ちいさな said...

Great news! Next up colored calendars on the iPhone / iPod Touches?

laptop said...

iPhone (ID: Appl858283R11R4), sync status is: ERROR (2 minutes ago)

Error Diagnosis: Unknown error : please contact support


Thomas Lackey said...


Can you try something real quick? Log into the regular web site and see if there is a red indicator next to your account. If so, try re-requesting the auth token for your contacts' account (the setup link).

There's been a handful of users with problems related to Google authentication today. Most likely it is not something you would have noticed at all until resyncing.

We didn't change anything related to authentication, but with Google's update today, and new libraries, something may be just enough different to cause a little trouble.

If that doesn't do it, get in touch with support we'll get you going.

IanJ said...

Thank you!

Loving the service and this new feature is very much welcomed. Keep up to good work.

James said...


Thanks for the suggestion--it was actually red. I'm having the same problem as the one "laptop" posted.

Sync Status Report

iPhone (ID: App...), sync status is: ERROR (28 minutes ago)

Error Diagnosis: Unknown error : please contact support

I contacted support, hope it gets fixed soon.

James said...

Sorry, I meant to say it was actually NOT red.

So it did not fix the problem.

Jordan said...

i would love to see multiple calendar support if that is ever possible, as i can then sync the g/f calendar as well as mine to my phone.

also to bring up with what Brian was saying, i think Henry wants the mail feature as then it would act more as a push than simply fetching.

i would love to see a free Push support for g-mail using the same method as the calendar.

keep up the good work though, i absolutely love this app.

DuMe said...

I re-sync and now i don't have any contact! I didn't get any error message during the resync and my web configuration is OK (i re-setup just in case).

mmmmm... I need help! :p

Peter said...

Well, now I cant login in my account and I cant sync - server not available!

Mattias said...

Yeah, same here. I get this error message:

HTTP Status 404 - /PublicSite/user/j_security_check

type Status report

message /PublicSite/user/j_security_check

description The requested resource (/PublicSite/user/j_security_check) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.18

Mon-Xas said...

I want gmail!
do not say IMAP, of course i have it, but i'm talking about PUSH GMAIL!

Do you know when will it be ready?

Salko said...

Sync Calendar not working now :(
Nuevasync is nice service, but unstable. Maybe overloaded Nuevasync servers...

Ola said...

Ouch .. my contacts is gone from my iPhone .. tough luck. Just as i was going away .. hehe.

Any status on this?

Steve said...

All contacts i added from my iPhone (Today) got syncronized to my Google Contacts as "Suggested Contacts" that never happen before.


Antoine said...

Same thing for me.. No more contacts on my iphone since this morning, and i get an error while trying to login on the website.. This is getting really embarassing !! Please give us some news, many thanks!

Eddo said...

The same here (The Netherlands): lost all my contacts, can't login and server not available (it seems).

Hey guys@nuevasync, what's going on?

Ted Avery said...

Hey guys, I lost all my contacts after resyncing, but I fixed it. Go into your account settings and re-authorize your account with Google contacts, then resync. All your contacts should then re-appear.

odin said...

Thanks, by re-authorizing my Google contacts, sync started to work again!

Eddo said...

Didn't even re-authorize. Automagically all contacts showed up.
Server must be back again. Can login too.

Still annoying that the iPhone flushes everything when it can't sync.

Øyvind said...

I also lost all my contacts, but as described, re-authorizing and resyncing fixed it.

Antoine said...

yes it's working again

Jaime said...

I had to reauthorize and resync to get contacts sync working again.

But like Shirizaan, I am getting duplicate contacts on Iphone, not gmail. So far they wont go away.

Jaime said...

One extra resync and dups fixed.

Thomas Lackey said...


"All contacts i added from my iPhone (Today) got syncronized to my Google Contacts as 'Suggested Contacts'..."

There is a deep irony in that...

Could you try again? Should be corrected.

b00jum said...

Thanks. I tried it out and it works 8) I did notice that contacts I added in recently showed up as suggested contacts. My preference would be that they show up as normal contacts. I'm also adding my vote for syncing groups (both ways as there are apps that allow us to edit groups on the phone).

Thanks for the service!

Steve said...

Thanks, is working perfectly now :-).

Dano said...

Guys, really appreciate the service, thanks for the elimination of Suggested Contacts. I hated the fact that because I did not capitalize a letter in an email address in my contacts, yet my contact who sent me email does that I would get a suggested contact and it would sync with my iPhone.

Your Favourite Fitch said...

Brilliant feature, cheers!

Yorick said...


Timothy said...

Fantastic service. Calendars work like a charm.

Thank you SO MUCH.

jakers said...

This app rocks! I just wanted to say thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to update the faq:

Why do you sync Google's suggested contacts?
Because Google gives them to us via their API and there's currently no known way to tell them apart from 'real' contacts. As soon as Google adds this, or we figure out another way to do it, we will remove the suggested contacts from the sync process.

TiganSan said...

I too have lost all my contacts after resync.
I checked both the google side and Nuevasync side, all tockens are green. all authorization is good, no error messages in the Sync Status page. no corrupted contact on google.
I even deleted and recreated the account on the iPhone.

However, calendar sync works fine.

Any suggestions?

Kathryn W said...

what an amazing service -- got my calendar working after a couple of hiccups.

thank you!!!

pulsorock said...


A little over 3 months ago I wrote an email about errors I was having when trying to sync with my Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. At that time the ticket I got was #1544.

But I never heard back nor did I tried again until today, when I bough a new phone (Samsung Epix running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional). I still have the same problems as with my old device. I also get the same error code on the status page.

I started with a blank Gmail contacts, so it gets all my contacts from my phone. The sync process starts and when it syncs around 100-200 contacts it stops and ActiveSync displays this message:

ActiveSync encountered a problem on the server.

Support code:0x85010014

Last synchronized:

Last attempt:
Today 9:52 PM

When I log to the status page on NuevaSync, this is what I see:

Sync Status Report

Windows Mobile device (ID: 33C11A25A027C4ADD8C39E3A9A68B1CF), sync status is: ERROR (9 seconds ago)
Error Diagnosis: Internal error 142, please contact support.

Windows Mobile device (ID: 1B5D0DC0FA8865053AF9D448621721B4), sync status is: ERROR (103 days ago)
Error Diagnosis: Internal error 142, please contact support.

As you can see, there are two devices, my old one (from 103 days ago) and my new one from today. Neither of them managed to sync successfully.

I also noticed that I lost some contacts from my device when I tried to sync. I started with 877 contacts on my device, but after a few tries to sync, it started to loss some contacts, at the last attempt to sync I had around 777 contacts.

I would really like to use NuevaSync on my device, but after 3 months I see that at least for Windows Mobile devices still doesn't work. And I'm willing to help testing it all that, but since I haven't got any reply from NuevaSync regarding this issue, sadly it seems that WinMo is not a high priority.

Please let know if there anything that I can do to find a solution for my sync issues.


phrend said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is GREAT!