Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nuevasync Discussion Forums

Nuevasync now has a web discussion forum. Registration is required to post. You don't need to be a Nuevasync user to participate.


Stephan said...

I couldn't find RSS feeds on the forum, esp. for 'Service Status' and 'News'. Could you keep posting about those over here (because the blog has an RSS feed). If discussions occurring as blog comments are an issue, you could post on the blog with comments disabled, and redirect people to the forum for discussions. But at least keep announcements available through RSS. Thanks for your understanding. P.S: great service!

Stefan said...

I registered yesterday, but did not get any confirmation/activation email.
Even after trying the "Forgotten Password" link.

David Boreham said...

@Stephan: yes, the forums are for discussions, which had been taking place as comments on blog postings here. Announcements and status will still be posted here.

rymden said...

Great service guys!

Having my contacts and calendars synced on my iPhone is super-sweet.

How can i contribute? =)