Monday, April 5, 2010

Secure, Password-Free Syncing with Gmail

On Friday we deployed a great new security feature: OAuth for GMail.  Using OAuth, you can now sync your GMail account—as well as your Google Calendar and Contacts—with NuevaSync without ever sharing your Google password.

OAuth authentication for GMail is a new feature from Google as well, and we are among the first services anywhere using it.  Even though it is very new, it is such an important feature that we are making it the default on all new GMail accounts.

To configure your GMail account with NuevaSync just enter your GMail address and click ‘Yes’.


When prompted by Google, choose ‘Grant Access’.


And that is it!


Existing GMail users are not left out.  If you’ve already configured GMail with a password, you can replace it with an OAuth token by opening the e-mail configuration page and clicking 'Request GMail Authorization.’  Choose ‘Grant Access’ and your password will be deleted and replaced with a secure OAuth token.

For any questions or comments on GMail or OAuth, check out our push e-mail forum.

UPDATE: See our OAuth for Gmail wiki page for more information on OAuth and complete step-by-step instructions for new and existing users.