Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Palm Pre Setup

Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up the Palm Pre to sync with NuevaSync.  Configuration can be done under any PIM application (e-mail, contacts, or calendar) but it is simplest under the calendar or contact applications.  Under e-mail it does auto-configuration guessing that sometimes chooses the wrong server type.

Whether you choose to start configuration from the contacts or calendar app, the configuration is applied to the other apps as well.  (If you don’t use all of them, that is OK, it will still sync.)

  1. Open up contacts (or calendar) and go to “Preferences & Accounts”: 
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Add An Account”:
  3. Tap “Microsoft Exchange”:
  4. Then enter your NuevaSync-registered e-mail address and NuevaSync password:
  5. Put https://www.nuevasync.com in the server slot and your username in the username slot.  Leave the domain slot empty.  Tap “Sign In” and you should be syncing.


Rockies2005 said...

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Brett said...

It works, I'll admit. However, due to the software limitation of the actual native "Tasks" application, the folder hierarchy within your Toodledo account is detroyed. All to-do items are automatically drawn into one folder called "Exhange" within the app on the phone side. From within that folder, you can do with these tasks whatever you could in the native app:

-Create new tasks (which appear in the "no folder" category on your Toodledo account once they sync over)
-change priority to three discreet levels,
-move to other folders (which subsequently deletes the task from your toodledo account, btw)
-and change due date

But that's it. You can't create new folders within the "Exchange" folder (because the Tasks app doesn't allow sub-folders) for the purpose of getting more organized.

This isn't Nueva's fault, I'm sure. I think it's a problem with Palm's implementation. I could be wrong, though.

Thomas Lackey said...


Yep, the Pre task client, unlike some of the others such as Windows Mobile, doesn't support categories yet.

For those, you can choose on our site whether you want to use folders, contexts, goals, or tags to map to the device categories, which in turn allows you to filter or sort the device UI based on the category. You can even use the device to create new folders or contexts at Toodledo, move between folders or context, etc.

Unfortunately, WebOS is a bit out in the cold on that. Here is hoping Palm adds category support soon.

Jeffrey said...

I'm having trouble with syncing tasks (Toodledo). Hours can go by and it won't sync . I need to open the "Nuevasync" inbox on my Pre to force a sync. I know it's not instant, but it shouldn't require a manual sync (of e-mail, no less) to work.

I have "as items arrive" set on the Pre. Do I need to change to one of the timed options (which'll kill my battery)?

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