Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nokia Configuration Instructions

Although we don't have any Nokia devices ourselves, our server logs indicated that several users have been using them with the service. Until now it was something of a mystery how they'd configured their phones. I'm very happy to see that one of our users has spent the time to write up the details in this article. One thing we're not sure about is whether all Noika phones are similar so if you have experiences with other models we'd be interested to hear about them.


Jas said...

Tried my Sony Ericsson k850i, but I think ATT blocks exchange access without signing up for their enterprise data plan. I get Session Failed, Communication interrupted. This phone doesn't have wifi like the Nokia.

David Boreham said... would ATT know what the traffic was ? It's basically the same as a web broweser accessing an SSL web site (same port, same type of traffic). It seems incredible to believe that ATT is cracking your SSL encryption to learn which specific URL the client is accessing. I really doubt they have the ability to block the traffic. Of course you should comply with your terms of service.

Rasmus Kinnerup said...

I have just got it to work with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I updated Mail For Exchange to 2.09, then edited the profil as written in the very excellent guide for the Nokia N82, and then my calendar was syncronized....
Thanks a lot!