Friday, August 8, 2008

Support ticket system

We've deployed RT to manage the support e-mail workload. We hope this will give users more consistent support service because every request is automatically assigned a ticket number and logged in our system when its received. Any updates made to the ticket result in an e-mail sent to the requester. We can see at a glance any ticket that has not been resolved. This was not easy to do when we were looking at a busy mailbox.
Having done this we realized that we needed a new mailbox for non-support messages such as when users send us suggestions for new features, or just when they want to say hello. Therefore we've created the mailbox


uBAD! said...

when can we expect the addition of symbian phones in the compatible phones list?

David Boreham said...

Symbian phones are supported, based on information we have from users. We haven't had a chance to update the supported device list yet.

David said...

Good choice. We use RT in our shop, and could not get along without it!

We do one thing that you might find useful. We have a "support" web form that prompts the user for certain information that we always want in the ticket, and then turns around and sends an email to support@(our-rt-address), with a nice header already filled out.

BTW, This is a great project! I'm finding it very useful to have my calendars automatically syncing between my iPhone and Google Calendars.