Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sync for all Google Apps users

After a few weeks where some users reported that sync didn't work, and by the way they were a Google Apps user, we have finally tracked down the cause. Thanks to one of our more persistent users who diagnosed the key issue and let us know his findings. Google Apps users who were seeing a 'red light' in the status page on our site should be able to get to green by simply requesting access to their Google account again. Click on 'setup' then on 'Request Account Access' and follow the instructions. If you have more than one Google account please make sure you have logged in to Google using the right one (our red/green test checks this so if you have green you're good to go).


gruppler said...

Wow, this service is incredible. Thank you.

I recently updated my jailbroken ipod touch from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 and lost compatibility with the gCalendar sync program I used to use. I thought I would have to wait for that developer to update his app until I read about this NuevaSync. I was sceptical at first because the blogger made it sound too good to be true. However, after setting up an account and testing it, I see that he wasn't exaggerating.

Thanks again!

Khash said...

Guys, do you have any estimates as to when the multi-calendar support will be implemented?

seminole2005 said...

Using Google Apps, my company has company-wide calendar that we are to closely monitor. It would be great if we could sync read-only calenders like this to our phones.