Saturday, September 13, 2008

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Update

A number of users have written to report that they had problems after updating to 2.1. There are no known problems with the 2.1 firmware and Nuevasync. However, the firmware update process seems to reset the sync state on the device which results in a 'resync' the next time the phone contacts our service. The resync operation is quite expensive and can take a while. Also at times a resync can fail if Google is busy. The users who reported problems subsequently let us know that their iPhones picked up sync again after a while. During the time between the firmware update and the next successful resync, your iPhone will loose its calendar events and/or contacts. Therefore we recommend updating your firmware at a time when loosing sync for a time will not cause major inconvenience. If in doubt, check your device sync status.


phi l said...

:/ My status says ok but it still freezes up. Whether or not I tried turning on and off 3G, wifi, etc. BTW I have the 3g iphone.

Roel said...

Everything seems to work fine after the 2.1 update. Keep up the good work Nuevasync !!!

antal said...

It's ok for me. After update I lost all my contacts and calendar events, but first resync after update fixed it.

Pavel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pavel said...

Hi, I am using this the first time. My problem is the calendar was synced while my contacts are not. Why is this so? The setting looks fine.

Anonymous said...

Works fine for me with 2.1, thanks for a great service.

phi l said...

hmm let me get into detail about my situation.

Before the 2.1 update, the calendar was working fine. However, I am receiving freezes on my phone when I try to access my calendar on the phone.

Sometimes I am able to go as far as adding all the details and info to a new event on my calendar on the phone and once I press done or save, it will just freeze (however my signal bars will change accordingly and the time and battery still changes accordingly too). While I sit and wait for minutes with this freeze with nothing to indicate whether this is because the phone is reacting to it or if it is a server problem, I wait.

On the other hand, sometimes just the first screen that pops up when "calendars" is open, the freeze happens.

Also, when I go into my phone "setup" it will freeze too.

To escape from from the freeze, i'll either (home button) click, home double click, top button click, or a hard reset to remove the freeze.

By the way all my other functions on the phone seem to be working fine. Hopefully this is something to do with me and not with you guys because the service has been nothing but good till now D:

(at the moment, I am trying to turn off my calendars on my phone but it's been at least 15-20 mins now that the spinning wheel has been spinning with "Turning Off Calendars")



phi l said...

hopefully this doesnt make me look desperate but i wanted to update with my "freezes."

It is still happening. I just stopped it from trying to "turn off" calendars and now trying to delete account on the phone but again I am receiving the spinning wheel along with of course the semi black box saying "deleting..."



Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,
I had the same problem. What i did to solve it :
1. Restore the iphone (i'm not sure it's important, try without that at 1st)
2. Try to delete account on the phone, it should freeze, then hard reboot the iphone (press the home and the power button until you see the apple logo).
3. Now try to delete the account on the phone, it should work
4. Add the account
I hope it will help...

Pastor Jeff said...

I had the same problem that phil outlined. couldn't add an event. everthing is frozen. will try sebastian's recommendations.


phi l said...

wow, glad to see it wasnt just me. I was searching the net to see if anyone else had the problem with the 2.1 update and didnt find anything.

So looks like my little post has help in some way.

Thank you S├ębastien I will give this a try right now.



phi l said...

looks like i will have to try the restore.

phi l said...

D: a slightly long process but it worked.

I restored the phone.

the bad side actually is the arrangement of my apps are all a mess now BOO! (56apps)

Phi Le

phi l said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
phi l said...

ok another update.

after the restore, right away evertyhing seems to be work just right.

Especially when im within the "calendars" i noticed the the small spinning wheel on the upper left of the screen by the signal bars is actually there now. Whereas it was not before the restore.

In a strange way though, it seems to be over working. By that i mean for everything I am doing, for example after pressing done with entering an event or scrolling through the days on list mode, the small spinning wheel is working its spins.

Okay now ready for the surprise ending?!

I am back where I was before the restore! It is freezing again.

I also was able to delete my account this time around however, it is obvious it does nothing for me.

(the working wheel which indicated the phones busy work in the upper left corner is now gone)



Larry said...


I have been having the same problems, and have done the things you guys have all suggested. Like you, I went back to the same problems a few hours after I thought I had it fixed.

If people find other solutions that will work more permanently, please keep us posted!

unknowng said...

Well I'm back to not syncing again. I was having this problem yesterday and then it just started syncing. I tried to go back to 2.0.2 since my phone seemed a lot more stable with it (I must be one of the few that can say that). I can't get back to 2.0.2 and nuevasync isn't giving me a lot of love on the syncing issue. Some of my calendar events have synced, but not all of them. No contacts at all. The weird thing is that if I try to manual add a contact, it immediately gets erased. I don't know really what more to do at this point. I'd really like to downgrade my firmware, but it's not really letting me do that.


vestini said...

I had just the opposite experience.

Over the weekend my iPhone 3G calendar stopped communicating with Google Calendar: nothing I added to one showed up on the other.

So I checked with the NuevaSync "Troubleshooting" > "Sync Status" page and got the following Sync Status Report:

"Phone (ID: Appl88826PYXXXX), sync status is: ERROR (3 minutes ago). Google returned a 'resource not found' error when our service tried to fetch your data. Usually this error is temporary, however if it persists please contact our support team."

Since I wanted jy iPhone calendar for today (Monday), before contacting the NuevaSync Support Team I tried finally upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.1. I had heard all the horror stories and had put it off. But now I had nothing to loose.

Well, the upgrade wiped out my iPhone calendar data, as was to be expected, but three (3) minutes later, the iPhone reestablished communication with Google Calendar and updated all appointments flawlessly.

So, a happy ending.

By the way I have the suspicion that I might have caused Google Calendar to stop communicating with my iPhone since, Saturday morning for fun, I tried a lot of crazy combinations to see what would happen. (Let me add that I also connect to Google Calendar from my desktop, using Sunbird calendar.)

For example, using the command to make a Repeated Appointments entry (like "Sales Meeting" every Friday at 4pm, from now to July 31st), then moving some Friday Meetings to Thusday on my iPhone calendar when Friday is a holiday (not by mkaking a new entry but simply by changing the date on one of the repeated entries), changing the Location for a few other Friday meetings on my Sunbird calendar, eliminating a few Friday meetings on my Google Calendar, etc.

All that caused my Sunbird calendar to start making errors (moving a Friday meeting to Saturday, for example) and may have caused iPhone to stop connecting with Google Calendar. That is to say, NuevaSync kept transmitting the data from my iPhone to Google Calendar OK, but Google Calendar refused to process it.

So I wouldn't recommend doing such things with your Repeated Appointments entries.

unknowng said...

I'd also like to add that when I check my sync status, it says that my phone synced, but there is nothing there. I've actually switched back to syncing with Outlook (which sucks) until maybe another firmware. I know they've said it's not a problem with 2.1, but for me, nuevasync was solid until this upgrade.

Ats said...

Encountered same situation as posted. Could not turn off calendar sync, nor could not delete my Exchange account.
Here's how I solved it.

1.Deleted Nuevasync account and re-registered.
2.On iPhone, reset ALL settings(not restore, not reset network settings, but reset ALL settngs)
3.Upon reboot, Exchange server accout is deleted on iPhone
4. Setup Nuevasync account on iPhone

Following 1 thru 4, my iPhone is syncing again. Don7t kow if step 1 has any meaning.
Hope this helps.

Mike said...

Works great for me. I just hope you guys can find a way to sync different calendars in different colors. That would make your service perfect for my needs.

Mayor McKinley said...

I'm not able to pull up my calendar today on the iphone which is synced with Google. It keeps getting stuck and crashing out and when I go into the settings to turn off the calendar in order to resync, it just gets stuck in "Turning off Calendar", so I have to do a restart. Anybody having this problem? It was working fine after the 2.1 update (Friday) until today. I did nothing different.

GE! said...

I realy like this service!

BUT: My iPhone freezes every time I use the calendar or contacts. I can´t even turn off the accont on my phone. Tried everything...

monika7 said...

My Calendar also freezes and if I try to turn off account synchronization or delete it, the operation is stuck until I hard reboot the phone.
I sent an email with description of the problem to Nuevasync support but so far I haven't heard back from them except for a canned message.

Francis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Francis said...

I had the freezing problem and this is what I did to fix it:

1. Completely delete your account on
2. On your iPhone, go into Settings a try to Delete the NuevaSync Exchange configuration
3. Your phone will freeze up
4. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons until you see the phone reboot and the Apple logo come up
5. Wait for your phone to reboot
6. Your phone will say something like "can't connect to Exchange"--tap OK
7. Go into Settings and again try to Delete your Exchange config for NuevaSync (this time it should delete without freezing)
8. On, re-create your account and set up links to Contacts and/or Calendar
9. Make sure status is green for your config on
10. On your iPhone, add an Exchange config, type in the info, and put "" for the new "Domain" field
11. Tap "Next" and wait for the phone to try and sync with Exchange
12. It will fail to sync and the settings page will come back with a "Server" field that wasn't there before
13. Enter "" in the Server field, then tap Next to continue
14. The phone should be able to connect to NuevaSync's Exchange server now
15. Go into your Contacts and/or Calendar applications and on each one, wait for the phone to fully sync (i.e. until you don't see the circular wait thingy any more)--this will take a couple minutes in each application

It's JUST THAT EASY! Just took me quite awhile to figure out these steps. I hope others benefit from this post.

angus said...

I tried the above method but do not get the message from step 6 and still get a freeze when I try to delete the account... this is getting annoying, it feels like it is slowing my phone down altogether. How can I delete the account from my iPhone without it freezing?

Henning Vestergaard said...

I have the exact same issue with freezing calendar all of a sudden. I have searched for other people with similar problems, until I at last checked out comments here.
I thought it was problem with the Intellisync client on the iPhone, that couldn't handle too many events or something, since I got it first when I tried adding an event.
The Calendar i fine for scrolling for some seconds and then it freezes, and there is nothing whatsoever to do. I tried disabling sync (to enable it again for a reset) but it just spins its wheel, so I force quit Preferences by holding down the Home button.
Then I try to delete the Exchange account on my iPhone, but still only spinning wheel.
I tried turning the phone off, I tried it the hard way by holding Home and Sleep button down for eight seconds, and restarting.

Nothing helped.

I then set it back to some old backup - very old, because when upgrading to 2.1 I cancelled the backup when it had taken two hours.

So it didn't work with the backup, then I resetting to default, and not using backup. Still no-go.

I am sure Apple needs to do something here on their ActiveSync client.

I have considered moving it all to MobileMe, but when looking at the Google Calendar and all of its features, I just can't do it. I'd rather wait and see if Apples fixes this.

I never had freezes like this with 2.0.1 or 2.0.2, and thought people who reported about freezes all the time - and the hour-long back-ups were messing around too much witht their iPhones. But I have only some few installed third party apps and only sync calendar. But it just doesn't work now.

Oddly, it syncs the whole thing. Then it freezes every time I use it now every time.

Ats said...

In my case, "resetting ALL setings" in the general settings helped to avoid the freeze when turning off the sync or deleting the accout.
You'll be able to delete the Exchange settings by doing this.
YOu will be able to reconfiure your Exchange setting again which will restart your syncing..

unknowng said...

It is apparently a firmware problem. I've seen other reports of people who are also having a problem with push working using mobileme and other exchange servers, so this doesn't appear to be a nuevasync problem. A lot of people are also reporting that fetch is not working either (a problem I also have) Hopefully this get fixed soon.


Use "RESETTING ALL SETTINGS" and until Nuevasync get it to work with 2.1.

Kevin said...

I thought I would throw my hat in the ring with the freezing problems.
Mine happened this morning upon adding an event. After entering the event info., ALL events were erased from the phone. when I tried to re-sync (by turning off and on calendar syncing in the settings of the account on the phone) nothing returned. I then added a test event, and everything came back. From then on, the calendar has been useless, as any changes or setting tweaks cause the phone to freeze. Hope this helps pinpoint the issue.

madnis said...

I've had the freezing iPhone Calendar issue twice so far with Firmware 2.1. Both times, I could enter the Calendar App and scroll around, but as soon as I stopped scrolling, the Calendar would freeze. Each time this problem occurred, it was immediately after I had tried to modify (add/delete) an event using my iPhone. The first time, a "Restore from Backup" was able to fix the problem. The second time, I had to use francis's walkthrough to eliminate the freeze. The freeze seems to be gone now. I'm going to avoid modifying events using my iPhone and just try using Google Calendar.

RRM said...

RE: phi l said...
hmm let me get into detail about my situation.;

I'm having the EXACT same problem, all since i updated to 2.1

Josh said...

same problems as everyone else. Doesn't work with new iphone firmware....

newLIrunner9 said...

You are a LIFESAVOR!!!!!!!! Your method worked for me like a charm.

I woke this morning and added a calendar event, and my phone kept locking/freezing. I found this site, and did EXACTLY francis suggested, and I was concerned at first as it wiped out my events on the iphone, but sure enough, once I completed all the steps, and recreated another nuevasync account, and added it to the exchange on the iphone, when i went into the calendar, after seeing the loading symbol for about 2 minutes, all my events were BACK!!!!!!!!!

I then tried to modify and event. add an event, and no more freezing. KNOCK ON WOOD. I hope this doesn't happen again, but now at least we have a fix.

THANK YOU francis!!!!

also wanted to add, I have the 3g iphone, and never had ANY nueva sync issues until today, 9/15

This comment has been removed by the author.


For those who tried this method: By resetting iPhone's settings; disable and enable service on Nuevasync; and re-create the Exchange account.

WARNING: This only works temporary, it WILL freeze again.

Josh said...

Tried all above fixes. Only work temporarily. First, certain events entered on iphone didnt show up as the correct time on gcal and then freezing returned.

tednyc said...

I think I may have a solution that doesn't require a systemwide Reset of the device settings or the deletion and recreation of your NuevaSync account at

1. Go to and change your *password*.
2. On your iPhone if it requests the new password click *cancel* (this temporarily breaks the linkage between the iPhone and your NS account without you having to delete the NS account at
3. You can attempt to go into iphone settings and delete the NS account under Mail - it might hang/freeze.
4. Do a hard reset holding the home and power buttons down until you seethe Apple logo.
5. When the phone reboots and asks you for the NS password click cancel. Do not enter your new password yet - that comes later.
6. Go to iPhone settings and delete the NS account under mail - the deletion should work this time.
7. Recreate the entry in mail settings for your NS account with your new password.

With these 7 steps all seems to be working for me again without freezes ... Knock on wood...

wrdcndn said...

I did what Sebastien said with all the steps and worked fine for me. This was just more a pain than anything, but now I can sync my contact without have to sync with itunes so that's awesome. Thanks

Jan Pettersson said...

Back again
Before i have problem same all of you in here ... it freeze no matter what i do today i have try it all as some type in here but no good result but one thing i think is true is that if you not change anything in the calendar or contact book i think it can sync one way from Google to iPhone very well so from now on i use SaiSuke software on my no jailbreak iPhone it works finally ok and i got 1 hour sync on in background so i can have reminders as well ... try this
it sync your Google calendar to iPhone wery well in the main time we all wait for a good solution from Apple or Nuevasync

Camphill said...

Where do you get Saisuke? I can't find it on Cydia.

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