Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scheduled Maintenance Complete

As mentioned in an update to the earlier notice, scheduled maintenance has been completed for all servers and the service has been turned back on to full capacity.


J. said...

Nuevasync is the best thing to ever happen to my iphone. I am so very grateful for this service.

Simon said...

Thanks for this wonderful app!

Fifique said...

WTG, Nueva peeps! Many thanks for your hard work.

Ben said...

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but something very odd seems to be happening and it's sorta driving me crazy.

I have spent the day going through all of my gmail contacts. Renaming, sorting, and cleaning them all up so they look nice in my iPhone.

I am using Nuevasync to sync to my gmail contacts.

My question is this: Is there some sort of caching going on at nuevasync?

I have resynced my iPhone several times, but there seems to be contacts in my phone that are not in my gmail account.

The phone is brand new and has never been synced with iTunes. It's not connected to mobileme.

The number of contacts in gmail and my iphone are the exact same (within 1 or 2 contacts) but there are many contacts in my iphone that simply don't exist in official gmail contact list.

The weird thing is that they are people I know, or have communicated with. But they are not in my contacts in gmail.

Where are these random contacts coming from?

And also there are TONS of "unknown" contacts showing up in my iphone when I have given names to every contact in gmail.

Any help is MUCH appreciated.

David Boreham said...

Ben : this sounds very bizarre. It would surprise (and worry) me if you were getting contacts on your iPhone that did not originate in your GMail account. Is it possible that these are the 'suggested' Google contacts (anyone you have ever received an e-mail from) ? If you mail our support alias ( someone will take a look at your account and let you know what's going on.

Ben said...

Thanks for your reply David. I agree it's pretty strange.

I will contact support per your suggestion.

The "unusual" contacts seem to be a combination of contacts that I removed from gmail earlier in the day, and contacts that originated on my iPhone before I started syncing with gmail.

I've done some tests, creating test contacts in gmail and they come through fine.

Liron said...

Thanks a lot! works perfectly now.
keep on with the good job.

Ben said...

I think I resolved my problem. I think the changes I was making in gmail contacts was not taking properly in gmail. When I woke up this morning the gmail contact list looked exactly like the list in my iPhone, even though I had deleted many of the contacts previously.

Jeff Widman said...

Again guys--thanks! Appreciate the service very much...

Kevin said...

I just started having a problem again - any time I edit an event on the phone to sync back to google, I get an error syncing.
I turned syncing off and then turned it back on (recreating all my data on my phone from google), and tried changing an event after that sync was successful, but to no avail.
Any ideas?

Kevin said...

Just thought I would add that events changed from google do not sync the other way as well, and the only error information from nuevasync sync status page is "unknown error" "please contact support".

Guy Bickel said...

I've really enjoyed the ability to sync my contacts and calednars over the air. In just the recent days I've started to see an issue where Google contacts that have been updated on the Google site are creating duplicate contacts on my iPhone 9vs. updating the existing contact). If I delete the duplicate on the iPhone, then the only version of the contact in Google goes away. Does anyone know how the contacts are being linked together? Is there a hidden token shared between the records, or is it just using the e-mail address? Any ideas how to fix this?

David Boreham said...

Guy: we've been investigating the duping issue for several weeks. In your case what happens was that the iPhone erroneously re-added contacts that it had previously received from Google. Our tests indicate that this is a bug in Apple's sync code. There's a workaround in the server (it detects the conditions under which Apples code does this and deletes the dups back off the iPhone). There are no dups in Google because they impose uniqueness on the e-mail address. If you 'resync' (see troubleshooting page), the dups will go. We beleive that the recent service outages led to un-corrected duping because the state used to check for dups is held in memory. When the server kept rebooting we lost that state and didn't always un-dup. There are a few different versions of this syndrome besides the one you have and we're continuing to investigate the issue.

Anonymous said...

1. "Nuevasync is the best thing to ever happen to my iphone. I am so very grateful for this service." Amen.

2. I'm also having the "contact duplication syndrome". Re-sync does work.

2.a. Note: If you have any contact set to ring with a special ringtone, re-syncing contacts will reset all of them & you'll need to re-establish those ringtones.

Kevin said...

Still returning errors after initial sync success.
I've re-authorized the google calendar access, re-synced, and done everything short of re-creating the account, but nothing has helped.
I'm just unsure of what could cause the error, as everything has worked in the past. I have no duplicate events, and am not trying to sync more than 3 months worth of data.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

David Boreham said...

Kevin: contact us via It's really hard to do support through the blog -- we don't know your account name for example.

Charles said...

Service is working great now - had some problems previously before your upgrade, but no issues in the last few days.

Thanks again!

marky said...

thank you nuevasync! :)

Kevin said...

Everything is working nicely now - thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Since the last server maintenance I noticed that all my items in my agenda
turned into events, waiting to be confirmed, denied or tagged as "maybe" Is
that normal? The bad thing is that I can't delete or modify them anymore as
they look more like invitations to those events instead of events created by

j_man said...

Hi Thomas, David,

This is really great stuff! now stop reading these comments getting big heds and get back to work the syncing out email!



Anonymous said...

Nuevasync: You guys ROCK. I love the work you are doing for iPhone users! Thank you!!!

Dave said...

A few days back my calendar lost half the events (towards the end of the outage). Then shortly after that all events disappeared (ie my calendar was completely empty).

The status page on was telling me everything was ok. It even told me when the last data was transferred.

So I disabled google on the nuevasync site. And then reenabled - going through the reauthorization with Google for both contacts and calendar.

I then turned contacts and calendar off on my phone. Waited a little while and then turned them back on.

Again Nuevasync's status webpage gives me the green lights and there are no error messages - only a message saying data is being transferred. Yet no both my contacts and my calendar is completely empty. Nothing is actually transferring to my phone.

I deleted the entire account on my iPhone. Then set it up again (I have attempted this 3 times now) and again no data despite the status page telling me data was transferred.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Geo. said...

I have just updated the operating software on the iPhone to the new version. My sync from Google has stopped working ... anyone else having this problem?

David said...

My issue above began before I did the upgrade to 2.1 but it is still happening.

unknowng said...

Glad to see I'm not alone. The 2.1 update killed my contacts. I can sync my calendar, but my contacts never pull over. The one thing I did notice is that if my both the contacts and calendar services were on, my calendar didn't sync. If leave the contacts off and activate the calendar, the calendar syncs fine. Doesn't seem to work the other way around. Nothing I do brings the contacts back. Hope this gets worked out quickly.

David said...

OK so problem solved for me...

When I went into the setup (on the nuevasync site) and did the authorize google thing... for some reason my email address was listed twice (no typo in either - perfectly correct).

I was always selecting the first one and got no sync.

So last night I disabled everything on both the iPhone and on the nuevasync site. This morning while carefully going through the entire setup process I decided to choose the second one of my email address.

And presto - everything syncing fine!

unknowng said...

yeah mine finally just out of the blue decided to sync. Glad it did cause I would be lost without it. Thanks again nuevasync.