Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More on the iPhone Freezing Syndrome

So far unfortunately we have been able to identify any specific data returned by the service that might be upsetting the iPhone sync client. The best workaround we have is to use 'Settings\General\Reset\Reset All Settings' to clear the device sync state. This will also reset various other setting such as your icon positions and stock tickers. Most users who have used this method report success, although some have reported the freezing subsequently returns.
If you have had freezing return after device reset, please send us e-mail and mention 'iPhone Freezing Returned' in the subject so we can identify your message quickly. We want to check the server logs for those users to see if we can correlate us sending a specific event to their device with the onset of freezing.
Also, if anyone has the freezing problem and is also an iPhone developer, we'd be interested to see the log from your device (can be viewed using the XCode utility with the device docked).


Csaba K├ętszeri said...

Had the issue, made the reset, solved the problem. TYWM, guys!

tednyc said...

for folks who don't want to reset all of there iPhone setting I seem to have had success with 1) changing my NuevaSync password, 2) not enterring the new password in iPhone, hard reboot of iPhone, deleting Nuevasync setting in Settings/mail, and then reenterring the NuevaSync account with the new password.

bijaer said...

@tednyc: Works fine, thanks!

Daphne said...

The solution tednyc provided works. Thanks!
I hope this will be a permanent solution and the 'freeze' doesn't return.

Bill said...

Users of other apps are reporting similar problems on

Perhaps this problem is not being caused by nuevasync?

David Boreham said...

Bill: it's fairly certain that the problem isn't caused by Neuvasync per se (if the iPhone freezes up that has to be Apple's problem regardless of the cause). However it is possible that something about the interaction between certain iPhones and Nuevasync triggers the bug. We've had reports for example from husband and wife where one iPhone hangs and the other doesn't, and they're both syncing from the same calendars.

tednyc said...

Me again: Sadly, the solution that I described above doesn't seem to have solved the problem for me - freezes are happening again for me in Calendar... Now I'm going to try the Reset All solution...

Geremy said...

I've noticed that the solution works until you add something on Google calendar, then it begins to act up again as it tries to sync.

Jay said...

Please look into repeatable tasks with no end date being related to the issue. My limited testing is pointing in that direction.

carlos said...

Dear all

Just to report another workaround that I have used with success to get my iPhone 2.1 syncing with Nuevasync. Unfortunately this is only applicable to users who HAVENT YET UPGRADED to 2.1:

1. In Settings > Mail > turn off sync for calendars and contacts.

2. In Settings > Mail > delete your Nuevasync account.

3. Upgrade your iPhone software to 2.1

4. Re-add your Nuevasync account.

This worked for me with no problems.

best wishes


Khash said...

As it turns out my problem was slightly different:
Since it was the first time I was enabling Calendar on my iPhone, there wasn't anything in the calendar and nothing was synching either. So I was opening and closing the calendar app on iPhone frequently (to check if anything has synced) and after a couple of times of doing that it was freezing.

Last night I deleted NuevaSync account completely, did a hard reset and added both calendar and contacts at the same time. Then did sync and again nothing happened. So I added an event on iPhone and this triggered the sync. It hasn't froze since then.

9310506 said...

i can'l launch!
how can i fix it?

Anonymous said...

The settings reset worked for me too, thanks.

Ramon said...
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Ramon said...

Hi all, I had the same problem and found an even quicker solution, based on the one from tednyc (thanks!):

- change your account password in nuevasync account online
- hard reboot your device
- turn synching off in device (don't enter new password yet)
- enter new password in device
- enabling synching again

that's it, no reset of removing necessary for me :-)

E said...

So far, so good. My phone would lock up when I tried to delete the nuevasync exchange account, so I had to go with the settings reset option to kill it.

1. Changed account password online.

2. Reset iphone settings.

3. Setup new nuevasync echange account with new password.

4. Accessed everything just fine.

I hope it sticks.

I tried a simple reset first, with no results. The keys seemed to be in the password change for me.

Malcolm said...

Wow, I switched from a gmail account to googleapps and tried to change the settings in Nuevasync on the iPhone. Note that I did this anyway while thinking it was a bad idea.

I could not delete the calendar settings. Freeze.

After numerous reboots and restores, I found this blog. Once I reset all settings I added it again and it seems fine.

I'll check back if it freezes during a sync

Ma65p said...

Carlos's method works fine for me, no more freezes...

Shinrai said...

One thing I found out is that my calendar in my iPod Touch froze when I switched from push to fetch. I It might help others in solving their issue

1. Do the password reset as above
2. Reset your iPhone / iPod touch
3. Change settings from Fetch to Push

Push is much better on battery life anyways. HTH

kuba jamro said...

Shinrai's method does work, but don't type in the new password into your iphone or it will start hanging again.

I guess this is one of the best methods to unfreeze your phone until an actual fix is made for nuevasync.

Gina said...

Hey Guys,
I have tried everything! My 3G iPhone has been acting up with NuevaSync.. Now my calander is frozen..after numerous syncs and restores..and changing passwords..rebooting..I still can't delete the account or stop syncing.. any ideas for me?

Also, because I have been having such problems, I decided to just delete my account..sadly that removes all my calander there a way I can stop using NuevaSync without losing my current events?

Thanks a bunch!!